Museo Pambata offers workshops outside Museo Pambata for both the young and the young at heart. Learn about various topics through games and activities unique to the museum.

Puppet Making and Shadowplay Workshop

Learn how to make shadow puppets and give them life through shadowplay.  

Baybayin Workshop

Learn how to write in Baybayin, the traditional Filipino way of writing, through fun art activities and games.

Storytelling Workshop

Learn how to tell stories creatively and effectively by studying vocal control, expressions, and understanding a story's intent.  

Safety and Disaster-Preparedness Workshop

Be equipped with methods on preparing yourself and your community during emergencies through games, storytelling, and improvised craft activities.

Arts and Crafts Workshop

Where can your imagination take you? Unleash your creativity by making various arts and crafts.

If you want your school, organization, or community to hold a workshop, contact the Programs Department.